sarah howorka

i have a body, a computer, and a camera

sarah howorka uses technology, both software and hardware, to create poetic experiences for people. this could mean making an emotional robot, an interactive portrait in which you become a part of the work itself, or an installation that allows you to create sounds or animations with your body movements.

her approach is intuitive and experimental, often drawing from her background as a software engineer to create generative images or computational video manipulation. most recently, she has been working with dancers and choreographers to explore the intersection of performance and media art.

she has attended school of visual arts in 2010 and the school for poetic computation in new york 2015 and is currently studying digital arts at university of applied arts vienna. in 2017, she co-founded art+tech vienna, an open collective / community, creating a space for people who are interested in new media art to connect, learn, experiment, and create.

her works have been shown in vienna, salzburg, barcelona (spain), tehran (iran) new york (usa), athens (greece) and kraków (poland).